Wednesday, July 27, 2005

A day late and a dollar short, as usual

Babble on.

Seeing as my mind is already on movies...

Remember when the unabashed propagandist Michael Moore said this?

"Democrats need to embrace Hollywood because this is where they need to come to learn how to tell a story."

Well, here's a man who has decades of experience in the L.A. film industry (ht:GS):

"The idea [of writing a book] was to have fun with Hollywood because Hollywood is a place that needs to be made fun of – desperately, because they take themselves very seriously."

Y'know, I think if you combine the ideas from both quotes, the concept has merit. Follow the bouncing ball with me here: Democrats embrace Hollywood, the rest of us make fun of Hollywood - because it begs desperately to be made fun of - and because of the close affiliation between the two, the rest of us have a wonderful, endless way to make fun of Democrats.

Oh, wait a minute. My bad. It's already been done.

Never mind.

Babble off.


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