Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Kudos to the CBC

Babble on.

Don't adjust your set - you read it right.

For two years now, CBC has been publishing the thoughts of an active-duty Master Corporal on their website, following him through a tour in Afghanistan, and now in the lead-up to another deployment over there.

MCpl Storring's latest piece caught my attention this morning. Rather than being flowery or eloquent, it's heartfelt and straightforward - quite representive of soldiery, in fact:

We watch the Canadian Forces Gun Race, view static displays, watch fireworks. The highlight for the boys’ weekend is watching the world-class parachuting display put on by the Sky Hawks. Both my sons instantly want to become Sky Hawks when they grow up, and while they run around getting autographs, I head over to see the veterans, one of whom I recognize from books and from veterans videos.

I stop in front of Mr. Jan DeVries, introduce myself and, shaking his hand, I thank him for everything he and his fellow veterans have done. I think I catch him off guard, as he almost doesn’t know what to say at first. Not intending to put him on the spot, I ask if my father-in-law and I can have our picture taken with him. Although I don’t think he knows it, when the flash goes off, three generations of soldiers are immortalized forever.

I again thank him, and in turn thank all the other veterans with him for what they have done for me, my family and for Canada. I guess everyone has heroes of some sort, and while my sons finish admiring their newfound heroes, the Sky Hawks, I am grateful yet again that I have the opportunity to thank my own heroes for their sacrifice.

By the end of the article, with an early birthday party for a man who will be half a world away on the actual day, the author's tugging at my heartstrings. It's worth the read.

And again, my congratulations and thanks go to the CBC for publishing this insight into the life and thoughts of an ordinary soldier. Canadians need to hear these stories - they need to know those who serve on their behalf better.

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At 2:58 p.m., Blogger The Powers That Be said...

While we in the west enjoy our privileges and rights, it is too often forgotten that there are people who have secured, and are continuing to secure those rights.

At 11:27 p.m., Blogger John the Mad said...

I've met Jan DeVries on a number of occasions as he lives in Pickering. He is a terrific gentleman and it is an honour to be able to say I've shaken his hand.


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