Tuesday, July 12, 2005

"Blogging is good -- action is better"

Babble on.

Chris Taylor doesn't post a gem every day. Heck, he doesn't even post most days. No, Chris collects his thoughts and saves his brilliant posts for special occasions. Today is our lucky day:

I suppose in Islamist Penthouse Forum fantasies, bold jihadis run through our crowded city centres waving flaming swords and visiting fiery death upon the infidels -- men, women and children alike. In return for their sterling service, they get the appreciation of seventy-two virgins in Paradise. It amazes me that guys fall for this sort of thing. Well gents, I hate to break it to you, but what makes you think you can get the time of day, let alone the loving affections of a single virgin, if your culture and attitudes right here on Earth are so far divorced from the aspirations of ordinary everyday women. Try making time with the women down here on planet Earth first, and see how far that "death to infidels and Crusaders" rhetoric gets you. Here's a hint: it takes a lot more effort and sensitivity than blowing up 50 people on their way to work. In the Islamist Disneyland that was Taliban-run Afghanistan, you had a hard time granting women basic dignities, like education, the freedom to choose their own wardrobe, and the freedom to move outside the house without the written permission of a male relative. Nobody, least of all a merciful and just God, is going to let you manhandle 72 virgins no matter how many kufrs get blown up first.
I have come to a sort of fatal acceptance that an attack in Toronto is not only likely but inevitable, and I am not going to stand around waiting for it to happen. In some small way blogging is important, but blogging doesn't take command and help coordinate evacuations when terror attacks take place. Blogging can't lead people out of darkened subway tunnels or treat the injured and comfort the broken-hearted [Ed. Well, maybe it can console.]. In a crisis, deeds speak louder than words -- and in the event of a London-style attack, our civil authorities are going to need all the cool heads, all the first aid, and all the assistance ordinary citizens can muster.

So I have decided to start contributing my time and efforts personally, even if my government is not yet ready to do so. Amazingly, there is hope even for middle aged I.T. jerks. The 709 (Toronto) Communication Regiment seems to have some roles that require I.T. and communications infrastructure knowledge. I'll have to start my own regimen of physical training to be sure I can easily pass the entry exams and BMQ (basic military qualification), especially the 5k run. I know, it's not the sexy pointy end of the spear like paratrooper or armoured crewman [Ed. Armoured crewman is sexy? Have you ever been inside a Leopard, Taylor?], but it's an area where I can make the best contribution given my age and experience.

Good on you, Chris. And you're right, of course: blogging is good, but action is undoubtedly better. I don't figure the Reserves would have much use for me, but surely there are volunteer organizations that would. Time to start making some inquiries.

Babble off.


At 11:26 p.m., Blogger Chris Taylor said...

Never been aboard a Leopard (I or II) MBT... I think most of them were overseas back in my time. Grizzlies and Cougars were about as exotic as it got.

Thanks for the high praise, and the link!

At 2:21 p.m., Blogger Ghost of a flea said...

Thinking along the same lines...


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