Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Some things can be decided with a vote, others simply can't

Babble on.

Both Jerry Aldini and Carine at E-nough! have hit the nail on the head regarding America's choice - or lack thereof - today. Bush or Kerry, hick or sophisticate, cowboy or swift-vet: the petty and envious masses of the world will still hate America.

Every American President in the past 30 years has had a mean French nickname, at the very least. Most have been dubbed imbeciles or idiots, including the oh-so-regretted-now-here Bill Clinton. So is anti-Americanism really about George W. Bush? That would be so simple.

I'm sorry to say that there's only an anti-Bush (not necessarily pro-Kerry, btw) Democrat to still believe this. Even the French are quick to say "Bush, Kerry, what's the difference? They're both Americans!" They're both Americans, anyway. Can you guess how many times I heard this sentence lately? (E-nough!)

Americans, as a whole, are viewed as money-grubbing, gun-crazy, self-absorbed, Jesus-freaked, and of course, fat. It was like this when Ronald Reagan was president, and when Bill Clinton was president. There is no president you could elect with sufficient statesmanship and selling skills to alter this perception. (Jerry)

There are plenty of reasons to vote for Kerry over Bush. Some of them are good ones, though I don't believe any of them are good enough.

But voting for Kerry to gain international goodwill is a fool's bet. Americans haven't had the world's goodwill in a very long time, and they won't again soon - no matter who wins.

Babble off.


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