Monday, November 01, 2004

Nuclear nuance that goes right over my head

Babble on.

Kate at small dead animals has already written the definitive piece on Kerry's plan to give Iran nuclear fuel. In case any of you missed what all the brouhaha was about, Kerry's own website contains the following passage outlining his position on this issue:

Iran claims that its nuclear program is only to meet its domestic energy needs. John Kerry's proposal would call their bluff by organizing a group of states to offer Iran the nuclear fuel they need for peaceful purposes and take back the spent fuel so they cannot divert it to build a weapon. If Iran does not accept this offer, their true motivations will be clear. (Babbler's italics)

By all means, let's have some clarity on Iran's motivations:

On Sunday, Iranian lawmakers shouting "Death to America" unanimously approved the outline of a bill that would force the government to resume uranium enrichment.

Maybe I'm just not 'nuanced' enough in my thinking, but isn't a bloodthirsty "Death to America" screamed by government officials a clear enough indicator of Iran's motivations? I don't believe the good fellows of the Iranian legislature are prone to "I was for it before I was against it" rhetoric that effectively renders their true position unintelligeable. "Death to America" is a long-standing political ideology in that country, and it seems pretty clear-cut to me.

If JFK doesn't know the Iranians are putting together atomic weapons using electrical plants as a cover, he's pretty much the only serious observer of international affairs on the planet not to. Which is pretty scary given that he's currently an even-odds bet to be the most powerful man in the world come next year.

What's even scarier is that none of the Democratic foreign-policy braintrust seems to remember the old phrase: "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

Of course, if Kerry wins tomorrow, shame will be the least of all of our worries.

Babble off.


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