Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Nail. Head. Debbye.

Babble on.

I started wandering around the blogosphere just as Debbye at Being American in T.O. began her sabbatical. I remember wondering who she was, and why people were so worried about her unannounced hiatus (in fact, that's how I introduced myself to her at the VRWC Toronto Chapter meeting the other night: *sternly* "A lot of people were really worried about you, you know.")

Now that she's returned, I'm beginning to understand why she was so sorely missed:

I just can't take any more of CNN. Is it just me, or is it as plain as daylight that for the Iraqi army to work with us to take Fallujah is in many significant ways more important for them than for us? CNN's main talking point continues to be that having the Iraqi army fight is part of our exit strategy, which overlooks the rather obvious fact that the Iraqi army is taking responsibility for the future stability of Iraq on behalf of and for the Iraqi people and, if you will, this is a major part of their entrance strategy as a sovereign nation.

Debbye, you're hereby forbidden to leave us without your writing for any extended period of time, ever again.

Babble off.


At 7:34 p.m., Blogger Doug said...

Damian, you poor FoxNewsKarlRove brainwashed neocon, since Iraq's government is simple a puppet for the imperialist oil grab, the Iraqi forces are just foreign nationals recruited to die for the imperialists crimes (you know, like la légion étrangère). I thought that living in a nice, enlightened country like Canada should have made you well aware of this.


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