Monday, November 08, 2004

Like a big ol' catcher's mitt...

Babble on.

The U.S. military is buying truly astounding technology to protect its soldiers from RPGs:

A small radar detects the incoming RPG or RPGs and inflates the airbag with a carbon dioxide gas cartridge. The RPG is literally "caught" by the airbag like a pillow and slowed enough so the nose-mounted fuse doesn't detonate the warhead. Instead, the RPG ends up collapsing upon itself, shredding the secondary self-destruct fuse and looking like a stomped-on beer can. Currently, the airbag and cartridge have to be replaced after one use, but the designers are working on a reusable airbag that can simply be rolled up and put back into place.

Go read more about this and some even more serious Western ingenuity at Castle Argghhh!

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