Friday, November 05, 2004

Boy, that AdScam sure was money well spent...

Babble on.

I mean look how completely unified we all are now! And just think: all it took was a little of our hard-earned taxes greasing Liberal ad exec palms to push the flag in completely ineffective innovative ways. Except...wait...who could have predicted?!

A Bloc Québécois MP is refusing to hand out Canadian flags to the local Legion for Remembrance Day services this year, angering veterans as they prepare to remember their fallen comrades.


In Ottawa, Bloc Québécois leader Gilles Duceppe defended his MP.

“It's not that he's refusing,” Mr. Duceppe said. “We give these people the information to go to Heritage Canada, or if not, it's the [Bloc] whip's office who gives them out, so that each MP is not caught in this little game that some Liberals enjoy.” (Babbler's emphasis)

Sorry, I can't keep the chippy sarcasm up at this point. I am aghast at the complete disdain for our veterans - even the Quebecois veterans - expressed by the phrase "these people." What pieces of subhuman excrement the Bloquistes have yet again proven themselves to be. Penny's right: no alliance, no truce, no quarter.

[breathe deeply...calm down]

Kate at The Last Amazon has the best of the serious posts on the issue:

I suggest that he and his like-minded sovereigntists immediately give up all benefits of Canadian citizenship and learn to speak German.


Until then, go buy the flag and stop trying to score cheap political points on the backs of Quebec veterans.

But Sean at PolSpy is the one who broke through my frustrated anger and made me laugh, as one needs to, at these small, petty men who denigrate such larger-than-life, selfless men. Quickly, to the quote, before I get myself worked into a lather again:

Veterans from a small town Royal Canadian Legion hall are under fire from Francophones after one of their members refused to perform cardio-pulminary resucitation (CPR) on a separatist MP. Bloc Quebecois MP Andre Bellavance was in the midst of a heated argument with Legion members over his refusal to provide them with Canadian flags for Remembrance Day when he suffered a heart attack. One of the veterans called for medical assistance on his cell phone, but refused to perform CPR on Bellavance when instructed to by the emergency line operator.

"I fought for my country in Korea," veteran Rick Flemming of Richmond, Quebec told PolSpy. "I have spilt blood for my country. It’s completely inappropriate to ask a decorated soldier like myself to press his lips to a raggedy BQ traitor this close to Remembrance Day. Let somebody else French Kiss the little bastard."

Thanks Sean, I needed that. Otherwise the RCMP might have found me in a clock tower overlooking Parliament Hill lovingly cleaning and oiling a well-made rifle with a big-assed scope.

Babble off.


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Yep, I concur.


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