Friday, May 13, 2005

Thinking coherently is beyond me today

Babble on.

The snarkier among you are asking "...and that makes today different than any other day because???" Yeah, well STFU.

Since I'm currently cognitively deficient, I'll just refer you to a few folks who seem to be able to add single digit numbers together and blog about the results:

  • Andrew at BBG starts talking policy, which puts him ahead of the Right Honourable Prime Minister Dithers McF***Stick; ahead of Stephen Harper, leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Circular Firing Squad of Whining Finger-Pointing Vote-Liberal Advertisements; and certainly ahead of Jack! In case you weren't aware, any man who appends an exclamation mark to his first name is in desperate need of testicles. Desperate, I tell you.

  • Steyn agrees with Andrew (ht:BS).

  • I happen to believe the Upholders are rehabilitable. And before the good-english police issue me a citation, I don't care if it's a word. For the second time in a single post: STFU. Having said that, Rayzilla's on to something here. Although at the risk of sounding like a bitter, broken record of a man, I said it first, then deleted it on legal advice.

  • I had dinner with old compatriot Not the Pointy Haired Boss (think Dilbert, folks, and remember that he didn't canvass his employees before coming up with the name) the other night, and a pleasant time it was. For me, at least - I'm guessing he unlisted his phone number and changed e-mail addresses immediately after. He's moving shortly, and in packing up, he found a piece of my past lost for more than a decade. It's a history essay my classmates wrote and submitted on my behalf in second year at RMC, when I was having some trouble meeting deadlines. Or giving a flying copulative act about it. Here's a snippet:
    Once upon a time there was a big country on the other side of the ocean. When you think about it, however, it didn't actually exist, as it had not yet been discovered. After it was discovered in 1492 by Cristufer Columbus [who sailed the ocean blue]1, there were many wars and the Liberal party...

    With friends like that, I've become a loner sitting at my keyboard in pajamas. Yes, the essay actually gets worse from there. At least the professor had a sense of humour. After rereading it, that's more than I can say about the guys who wrote the essay (after all these years, I get the last word).

Speaking of last words, this meaningless debate over what exactly, technically, dotting all i's and crossing all t's constitutes a non-confidence vote drives me completely nucking FUTZ (with props to Beth for coming up with the perfect phrase)! The last word is that Paul Martin, World's Worst Prime Minister&trade, does not have the confidence of the House. Period. Westminster parliamentary democracy relies on all parties following the spirit of the traditions as well as the letter. Every day the Liberals delay dissolving their dysfunctional 'government' is another day of dropping their pants and defecating on Canadian democracy.

And while I'm on this topic, blaming Harper and Duceppe for this mess is the cherry on top of the steaming pile of crap that falls out of his face every time Martin opens his mouth. The BQ and CPC are forcing an unwanted election on Canadians? No, no, no. He's not going to get away with that. Martin's inability to even mimic Chretien's cardboard-cutout excuse for statesmanship has sunk this caretaker government, not the Opposition. His job is to lead, and if he had even the hint of an aptitude for it, the catcalling adolescents on the opposition benches wouldn't dare bring him down. The regicidal Martin has precisely one person to blame for his pathetic multi-millionaire woes, and that person looks hollowly at him from the other side of the mirror when he works up the guts to check it from time to time. It takes some kind of nerve to accuse the other guys of procedural shenanigans when you've manipulated parliamentary conventions to such a point that that's all they have left.

The fact that our electoral choices have now boiled down to Tweedle-Dumb and Tweedle-Dumber is bad enough. The very real possibility that Canadians will choose Tweedle-Dumber yet again is enough to make me despair.

What will it take to get a true leader into politics today? This is just embarrassing.

Babble off.


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