Thursday, May 05, 2005

Your future Conservative candidate for Fredericton

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From my Irish Embassy Correspondent comes news of an Ex-Cadet taking the leap into national politics. Brian Macdonald is running for the Conservative candidacy in Fredericton, NB:

Many of you likely know Brian from the Royal Military College, the Canadian Forces, the London School of Economics, or from growing up in Halifax. Some of you may not know Brian well, but may share similar passions and beliefs. He is an intelligent and hard working guy, who is willing to take a risk for something he believes in. After serving in the Canadian and British militaries, Brian has settled in Fredericton and has started a business in the riding. The riding also contains CFB Gagetown, which is the most important Army base in the country. The seat has been held by the unimpressive Andy Scott, better known for chatting on airplanes about hanging the RCMP out to dry at the APEC inquiry.

I am sure that many of you would agree that part of the mess in Ottawa has been caused by the poor quality of many of the MPs that occupy the government benches. Public service is in a state of decline. Joe Volpe's despicable outburst yesterday is evidence of this fact and explains why so many Canadians are cynical about politics. It would be nice to get some fresh faces elected to the House of Commons. Brian would bring a welcome intellect and an important understanding of the Canadian Forces and Canada's declining position in the world. He is running in, quite possibly, the most challenging nomination race in the country and has a shot to win. A small donation of $25, $50 or $100 will help him get a direct mailing to the membership and some printed materials for the days leading to the nomination of May 13th. He has signed up a large number of new members and is doing most of the work himself. More than just helping defray his increasing costs, I think a small donation might be better for his spirit than for his campaign coffers.

Unfortunately, a nomination donation is not tax deductible and time is of the essence. A bank or internet transfer would be the best way to help. Pass this along to anyone that might know Brian or want to help.

Many thanks - Per ardua ad Astra!

Here's where you can contribute:

Brian Macdonald Campaign
RBC Royal Bank of Canada
504 Queen St
PO Box 1420
Fredericton NB E3B 5G1
SRF# 695 355 768
Transit # 0884
Account # 101-2285

And if you live in the riding, make sure you get out to vote at the nomination meeting. Even the best of candidates can't elect themselves.

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Seems that you may have overlooked somebody EH?


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