Monday, May 02, 2005

Paragraph K

Babble on.

Chuck Guité testimony at the Gomery Inquiry may well be even more incendiary than that of Jean Brault. But for those expecting Justice Gomery's report to provide the final word on the whole sordid mess, paragraph K of the inquiry's mandate should be required reading:

k) the Commissioner be directed to perform his duties without expressing any conclusion or recommendation regarding the civil or criminal liability of any person or organization and to ensure that the conduct of the inquiry does not jeopardize any ongoing criminal investigation or criminal proceedings;

The fact that Gomery has a limited mandate doesn't bother me because inquiries are not trials. The fact that Paul Martin and his cronies are selling Gomery's report as the definitive judgement on Adscam and its spin-off scandals (judicial appointments with a nod and a wink?) when it was clearly intended to be no such thing, and are thereby convincing voters to leave the Liberals in office until the report is released bothers me to no end.

Ginna says it best:

If I believed that we Justice Gomery could deliver a scorcher, a document which included his opinions on the veracity of testimony, I could see the reason to wait.

But the testimony, as "explosive" it is, will be it. And I believe that Canadians are just as qualified as Justice Gomery to listen to it, and make their own judgements. As Harper has pointed out, we don't need to go beyond a reasonable doubt here.

It's time for an election.

Babble off.


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