Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Standard Fog

Babble on.

When I asked Litlbit how she wanted to spend her Mother's Day this year, she asked if I'd mind driving to London to cheer on her brother as he ran his first marathon. Her day, her call, I said. So cheer we did. Congrats to Chris on a 3:50:54.1 time in his first race!

In more good news out of London, the proprietors of The London Fog have posted the latest edition of the Red Ensign Standard:

Just as the Red Ensign group is made up of bloggers whose opinions range from conservative to libertarian to plain ol' cranky and otherwise, so the London Fog is composed of individuals whose interests cannot be summed up in a unitary label. What we do agree upon is that the Red Ensign is a voluntary association — and that in kind it represents voluntary associations as the proper yet now enervated mechanisms for self-governance among strong and independent people.

There's good reading out there, under a Red Ensign crackling in a stiff northern breeze. Or should I say 'average' reading? Heh.

Babble off.


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