Monday, May 30, 2005

Standard Monarchist

Babble on.

I guess monarchists - not royal-watchers, unless you're looking for a punch in the mouth from one of them - are okay with being fashionably late. Well, so am I.

...Canadian business leaders have argued in the past that Victoria Day would be better placed if it coincided with America's Memorial Day, which occurs one week later. Just as The Monarchist says hooey on changing the name, we say hooey on changing the date. Hey, while we're at it, why don't we change our July 1st holiday to coincide with America's July 4th; that way we might better coordinate trading activity on the North American market. They're all for history it seems, just so long as it doesn't prove too bloody inconvenient, and get in the way of economic continental integration. The Monarchist is all for business, free trade and profit, but we are also for heeding history and paying a little respect to our forefathers who crafted a society so that we might profit in the first place. Victoria Day should not be compromised, period. (Babbler's emphasis)

Well said. Read the entire Red Ensign Standard here.

Babble off.


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