Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Our Neighbour, Our Nation, Our Dink of a PM

Babble on.

I'm with Tarantino on this. Paul Martin's latest attempte to play the anti-American card results in a decidedly poor slogan: "Mr. Harper, the United States is Our Neighbour, Not Our Nation".

I'm quite sure none of our political leaders, least of all Stephen Harper, would confuse the U.S. with our nation - especially after this year's World Juniors. But when it comes to nations, I can understand why Martin might be confused.

Duceppe:...I'd like him to say Quebec is a nation. I never heard something from him on that point, on that issue.
Martin: First of all, I've never had any difficulty with the word "nation." We've talked about the Metis nation. I've never had any difficulty with it in terms of the Acadians. I normally referred to Quebec as a (speaking french) -- I've had no problem in making a reference in the way we're talking about...I have no problem describing what Quebec is all about. I have no problem using the word nation. I've always used that...

Besides, the Liberal slogan hardly describes the full and complicated relationship between our two countries. For example, read this piece:

Canadian soldiers deploying next month to Afghanistan will be relying on the United States for air cover after a proposal to send Canadian fighter-bombers to the region was scrapped at the last minute, the Post has learned.

Military sources said six CF-18 jets were to have been included in Task Force Aegis, the 2,200-member Canadian battle group that is moving into restive southern Afghanistan in February.

But the air force had to change plans because of the high cost of getting the six upgraded fighters from 4 Wing in CFB Cold Lake, Alta., to Afghanistan and the technical difficulties involved in basing high-tech aircraft halfway around the world.

"It was a bridge too far," said one air force officer, speaking on condition of anonymity. "They just couldn't get the maintainers [and] all their equipment there and keep them there for six months."

Now don't you think Paul Martin could score some much needed honesty-points with the average voting Canadian by using this slogan instead?

"Mr. Harper, the United States is Our Soldiers' Protector Because I Refused to Properly Support Our Men and Women In Uniform, But That Doesn't Mean it Can't Be My Rhetorical Punching Bag. Yes, I Really Am That Much of a Dink, But I Think Canadians Are Stupid Enough to Vote For Me Anyhow."

Babble off.


At 9:46 p.m., Blogger Pat Patterson said...

Paul Martin as a dink. Funny he doesn't look like Jimmy Durante.


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