Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The weirdness

Babble on.

I've found that the longer I blog, the more traffic I pull from search engines. And since I discovered this, I've gotten no small amusement from some of the searches that led people to Babbling Brooks.

Here's a sampling from my last 100 hits:

#2 on Google (UK): abthorpe church clock press release

#23 & #24 on Technorati: UAV

#58 on Yahoo: laws for separating from a common-law marriage in ontario

#123 on Google: monchy france

#28 on Google (Cdn francophone): +"michael byers" +conservatives

#25 on Yahoo: bmq blog

#35 on Google Blog Search: sterilization (the post in question references Carolyn Parrish)

#8 on Yahoo: subs in Canadian waters

#10 on Google: canada conservative minimum sentences violent crime

And following are the podium finishers - tied for third place:

#2 on Google: brazillion

#10 on MSN: woman and sexy under ware (the post in question makes reference to my grandmothers, believe it or not)

Runner up for weirdest result:

#31 on MSN: why do hamsters like small cages?

...and my personal favourite, the gold medal winner by a country mile...

#11 on Google (Cdn francophone): "he was masturbating" site:blogspot.com

Riveting content will return at an unspecified future date. You get what you pay for, etc.

Babble off.

Update: Heh. I just discovered that Babbling Brooks currently holds down both the #1 and #2 slots on a Google search for warren kinsella is a douchebag.

I kid you not.

And yes, I'll admit it: I get way more of a kick out of that than I should. Hopefully I can't get sued for simply enjoying the circumstance, but with Colonel Klapp, you never know.


At 10:52 a.m., Blogger Chris Taylor said...

Re: douchebag

Even Mr. Kinsella must acknowledge that truth is an entirely adequate defence to charges of libel.

At 12:35 p.m., Blogger Babbling Brooks said...

The funny thing is that I've never actually called him that...in print.

I've mentioned his name, and I cribbed Gnotalex's (the blog quebecois) "addlepated douchebag" tag-line in an entirely separate post about Carolyn Parrish.

Google's search logarithms did the rest.

At 3:44 p.m., Blogger Blair said...

Somehow I show up by combining two phrases; "nazi era hockey teams" with "jerseys for sale"

At 9:21 a.m., Blogger Andrew said...

I just received this Yahoo search:

One loves one's fellow-man so much more when one is bent on killing him



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