Friday, December 10, 2004

John the Quite Sane

Babble on.

At the risk of giving any sort of recognition and publicity - even secondhand - to someone who so pathetically and desperately craves it, I refer you to John the Mad. No, no, it's not John himself I'm talking about, but the subject of his post. This reasoned piece is particularly worth reading. A taste:

Perhaps, despite best efforts on our part, the hard won intitial consensus of John the Mad and Anonymous is doomed to fracture and I can expect further barbs about not caring a whit for those poor doomed women of the Montreal massacre. I promise you that even if you do make more nasty comments, I won't stoop to accusing you spuriously of not caring about 11 year old female transit riders in Toronto, just because of your apparent unwillingness to consider redirecting the wasted long gun registry dollars to stopping handgun smuggling and gang violence in our cities.

If John is mad, I'm stark and raving as well.

Babble off.


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