Monday, December 06, 2004

Gun-barrels taste like crap

Babble on.

Personally, I think Colby Cosh runs a real blog. His absence from the list of nominees for Best Canadian Blog for the 2004 Wizbang Weblog Awards is an embarrassing mistake.

It has been suggested that his status as a sometimes-paid journalist should disqualify him from recognition as a blogger. This is just plain silly.

If all he did was slap his newspaper columns up on a website, I think it would be fair to dismiss him as a journalist with an internet presence - a separate category in this contest. But Cosh talks about pens, lava-lamps, and distasteful video games. In short, he blogs.

So do Sullivan, Lileks, and Hewitt. They're nominated as bloggers, not journalists - and rightly so.

I don't think Kate bears Colby any ill will. I think she simply wants to see Colby have his own category of award. Something about men, sheep, and love.

Babble off.


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