Thursday, December 09, 2004

While we're at it, let's demand all snowflakes be made of gold

Babble on.

In yet another sign of the coming apocalypse, Pravda Canada has endorsed Canadian participation in missile defence.

Canada has a responsibility to help the U.S. defend North American cities against attack by a rogue state like North Korea or against an accidental missile launch. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization has endorsed exploring missile defences. Why should Canada boycott what is essentially a high-tech research program?

This from the editorial board of the Toronto Star. Please hold a moment while I defibrillate myself.

Of course, the Star's modest proposal comes with some conditions. When I read these, I laughed so hard I'm going to have to get the upholstry on my chair cleaned.

Rather than dither, Martin should make the case for joining. He should also impose a few sensible conditions.

  • Canada should not pay too much of the cost. The U.S. will spend $10 billion next year, from its $400 billion military budget. To match that we would have to put up $300 million from our $13 billion budget. That's too much. Given that this is a U.S. priority, we should contribute less. (Babbler - freeloading is a Canadian value?)

  • U.S. rockets must not be sited here, though tracking radars would be tolerable. We have had them since the 1950s. (Babbler - weapons are bad, radar is better, but only until we find that it disrupts the migration of the rare Northern Feathered Newt, at which point radar becomes bad)

  • Bush should pledge to deploy no more than, say, 50 interceptors. The shield is advertised as a "limited defence," not as a bid to make Fortress America invulnerable, which could subvert global arms control. (Babbler - because tying one hand behind one's back is simply prudent when dealing with nuclear defence - have to make it sporting, right?)

  • Bush should promise not to use the system to target satellites, and not to place weapons in space. Canada is against making war in space. (Babbler - unfortunately this is true, although what Canada should really be against is Canadians being turned into radioactive air pollution by a North Korean nuke)

Go ahead, take a moment to catch your breath and wipe the tears of uproarious laughter from your cheeks. You have to admit, the morons in the Star Chamber certainly have an active imagination. In fact, I very nearly e-mailed them to ask what colour the sky was on their elseworld planet.

Which brings me to the true topic of today's post: What I Like About The Canadian Left. You understand, this is a really, really short list.

1. They despise wishy-washy, poll-driven, stand-for-absolutely-nothing, wait-for-me-I'm-your-leader Liberals (like the Star's editorial board) as much as I do.

2. That's it.

As evidence, I present Greg at Sinister Thoughts - one of the few lefties with whom I could bring myself to raise a pint - who not only pointed me to the Star editorial, but also pulled words directly from my mouth and put them into print before I'd even thought them. Neat trick, that.

Typical Liberal drivel. Let us in, but don't ask us to do anything, or pay and by the way do what we say, or else.

Well said, Comrade.

Babble off.


At 7:56 p.m., Blogger The Monger said...

Once again, you provide the useful public service of Reading The Star So Others Don't Have To.

I can't believe they've come out in favour of the Weaponization Of SPACE!!! [Insert foaming at mouth and gnashing of jaws here] Maybe some of our famous BC Bud has made its way out east.

What's next--endorsing 2 tier health care?

Love the header, by the way



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