Friday, July 30, 2004

Frozen Hamassets

Babble on.

An editorial in today’s Washington Post outlines some of the formal allegations against Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development - the largest Islamic 'charity' in the U.S. - which led to its assets being frozen by the U.S. government post-9/11.

“Between 1992 and 2001, the organization took in more than $57 million and gave more than $36 million of that sum "to individuals associated with, and organizations controlled by, HAMAS," the government says. Since 1995, when fundraising for Hamas became illegal in this country, Holy Land has sent $12.4 million to elements of the terrorist group's social service network in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and has specifically sought out the families of suicide bombers and other Hamas operatives in distributing its money.”

Of course, the organization categorically denies any wrongdoing. Yeah, 'cause Shukri Abu Baker has all the credibility in the world, right?

The editorial then goes on to say:

“If Holy Land was, indeed, a front for terrorist fundraising, its many well-intentioned donors should not be left to labor under the illusion that it was the victim of an anti-Muslim witch hunt.” (emphasis yours truly)

I have two questions that the politically-correct Washington Post won’t ask. First, how many of the “well-intentioned” donors were truly unaware their money was going to Hamas? And second, how many of them would have stopped giving had they known?

Babble off.


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