Friday, July 30, 2004

Warren, meet Carolyn. She's a Liberal.

Babble on.

So I'm backreading on Kinsella's site: "Jamaica"...ya lucky bastard..."Warren Pranks"...sounds fun...

Oooh, this is interesting. Bashing columnist Larry Zolf for talking about the importance of ethnic groups to the Liberal election-win factory.

Now, I don't really see what the big deal about Zolf's column is - I mean, he's no Jimmy the Greek talking about breeding the slaves strong so they can one day earn gazillions playing defensive end for the Cowboys. My complaint is that it's overly simplistic, if not "apallingly insensitive and dumb" as Kinsella says.

But Warren goes right off the deep end:

"As a student of Canadian politics, I can attest to the fact that no Canadian political party - including the Liberal Party, now being breathlessly urged by Larry to "cater" to "the ethnics" - any longer regards ethnic communities as unintelligent monoliths, which can be counted upon to unquestioningly do the bidding of backroom party apparatchiks. Even if such a sad state of affairs ever existed, you can be assured it doesn't anymore. Ask any successful politician: in 2004 A.D., every predominant Canadian ethnic group has done what one would expect (and hope) to happen in the new millennium - they vote for Liberals, Conservatives and New Democrats like everyone else does. That is, according to the issues, and leadership, and so on." (my emphasis)

Uh, Warren, I'd like you to meet Carolyn Parrish, Liberal MP. Her comments prior to a Liberal caucus meeting on July 14 of this year:

Mississauga MP Carolyn Parrish said given a chance, she'll call on the PM to pay back immigrant communities for keeping most area seats Liberal. "We owe the ethnic community some recognition for what they did to save our lives, and it's due them anyway." (again, my emphasis)

You may want to take a shower before you head to Jamaica, Warren. Wash the egg off your face.

Babble off.


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