Saturday, February 11, 2006

Gold dipped winner

Babble on.

Congratulations to Canada's first medallist at the Torino Olympic Games: Jennifer Heil.

Heil's gold was Canada's first medal of the 2006 Winter Games and the first Olympic medal of her career. It was also the first gold by a Canadian woman in moguls.

Too bad they're giving out shiny donuts instead of medals this year. What the hell is with that design?

Jennifer's not going to know whether to wear it around her neck or dip it into her Timmy's double-double.

Still, good on her for getting the job done. It's the win, not the bauble that counts.

Babble off.

Bart is funny...for a Liberal.

Jennifer Heil wins Canada's first medal of the Olympics, a gold in Moguls.

Let's just hope she doesn't defect to Latvia before the medal ceremony...

If you didn't get that, stand up before you re-read it. Hopefully then it won't go over your head.


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