Tuesday, February 07, 2006

BZ, Cpl Jacob Petten

Babble on.

Given the fuss raised at the time over whether MCpl Franklin should receive the VC, I’m disappointed that this follow up got buried so deep in a story about another attack entirely (ht:Echoes via e-mail):

Meanwhile, early published reports that another of those injured, MCpl. Paul Franklin, may have saved his own life by applying a tourniquet to his severed left leg, have proved erroneous.

Major Nick Withers, the Canadian doctor at the U.S. hospital in Landstuhl, said new information about the chaotic few minutes after the suicide attack came to light yesterday. Another solider, Corporal Jacob Petten, wrapped a tourniquet around MCpl. Franklin's severed left leg while he was unconscious. Although MCpl. Franklin, a medic, initially believed in the confusion after the blast he had treated himself, he now understands that it was Cpl. Petten who saved his life. "We wanted to set the record straight," Major Withers said.

Cpl. Franklin's wife, Audra, said, "He realizes that one of his guys, that he had taught, saved him."

Although I'm glad the truth about this incident has come to light, I still think the whole damned lot of them are heroes: MCpl Franklin, Cpl Petten, and every other man and woman in uniform serving our country in Afghanistan. They are an example to us all.

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At 7:19 p.m., Blogger John the Mad said...

I agree completely. They are men and warriors, in the finest sense of those words.

At 1:12 a.m., Blogger babyphat555 said...

Hi all, Cpl Petten is my (commonlaw) husband, and we are all very very proud of him. He is proud of himself yet says he was only doing his job and what Mcpl Franklin taught him to do. Thank you everyone for recognizing what are soldiers are doing and seeing what they are going through.


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