Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Babble on.

Of all the people to open their yaps on the Emerson issue, this is the last one I'd have expected to pipe up:

...I look at what Harper did and said when I left the party and I look at what he did to get David to come over and you have to conclude that's a double standard and hypocritical," said Stronach, a former Tory MP who crossed the floor to join the Liberals last year.

Hey Bobblehead, shut the *)!% up, 'kay?

Babble off.


At 4:05 p.m., Blogger GenX at 40 said...

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At 4:06 p.m., Blogger GenX at 40 said...

Now I know you have been stung twice by this bench-hoppery but I think Bob's simple test still applies even when Bels is saying it:


At 5:08 p.m., Blogger Don said...

I think Bob's guide is ridiculous.

He says:

Nota Bene: there are no "proximity to confidence vote", "but they did it first" or "I just like one party more than the other" qualifiers to the foregoing

UPDATE: Just to be clear, there is also no "but s/he's got a really good resume" qualifier

Great - Homer logic rules!

I'm swinging my arms like this and if you happen to be in the way and if they hit you it's not my fault.


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