Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Only the truly stupid care that much about grades

Babble on.

Greg Staples is a smart man. Smart enough to know just how much marks in school tell you about how capable a Presidential candidate someone is:

In undergrad my marks were horrible until 4th year. I was life and death to keep a B- average. I failed a course. Almost failed another. But I received a B.Sc. in Physics at the end of 5 years (co-op made it five years). Which one accurately reflects my intelligence, failing Biophysics or getting a Physics degree? Neither. It reflects my poor work habits early in my University career. I would guess the same for Senator Kerry.

Want further proof. I averaged an A- in my MBA studies because I was a more effective and efficicent student by then. Not smarter.

That being said, I wish I was as dumb as President George W. Bush.

One of the most competent individuals in my office took the same professional course as I did at U of T last fall. I can honestly say that she knew more of the course material than I did - she attended more of the classes, and she studied longer hours. I got a better mark, though. Why? Because I'm good at taking tests, a completely separate skill set from what we were being taught.

In my experience, those who place undue emphasis on school grades tend to be educated beyond their intelligence.

Babble off.


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