Thursday, June 09, 2005

Getting my hopes up

Babble on.

Adam Daifallah points to this story with the hope it signals a major shake-up at CPC Galactic Command Headquarters on high:

Sources said Harper's chief of staff, Phil Murphy, is on the hit list to be axed, in favour of Doug Finley, who was recently brought in as the deputy chief of staff.

Director of communications Geoff Norquay yesterday denied rumours he's about to go as well.

Last week the party's veteran communications man Jim Armour - with longtime ties to the Reform and Canadian Alliance parties - announced he was leaving to take a job with the Canadian Medical Association.

Days later, communications staffer Mike Storshaw announced he's leaving to take a job with Ottawa lobby firm Bluesky Strategy Group. Both Armour and Storshaw deny they were pushed out of the inner circle.

OK, I don't know if Adam is actually hoping for a major shake-up, but I can tell you I sure as hell am.

Out with the brooms!...or enemas...or whatever cleaning analogy blows your whistle, OK? Just keep the spring-cleaning-at-grandma's-house pot-pourri to yourself. Unless it's lemony-fresh. You can never get enough lemony-freshness in your day.

Babble off.


At 7:02 p.m., Blogger Andrew said...

I'm hoping its a major purge as well. The CPC current strategists' ability to produce shit from gold is mind-boggling.

At 8:26 p.m., Blogger Tiberius said...

Ditto. The current team is giving poor Ernie Eves' a run for consistently the providing the worst advice.


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