Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The Red Ensign Standard raised again

Babble on.

Jason at Musing has penned the 12th edition of the Red Ensign Standard. "Penned" is such an anachronistic term, but it somehow sounds much more personal than "typed", and it's in keeping with Jason's theme: back to basics.

Like me, the other Red Esign bloggers see Canada as a land blessed with unparalleled beauty, a wealth of natural resources, and - most importantly - a hearty, strong, welcoming, friendly population. From where I stand, in Alberta, I see a country that embraces its past and looks forward to a dynamic and exciting future. As a country, we recognize that our past has some warts with which we must contend. We admit that some choices we have made could have been handled better. However, despite the warts, we see a growing number of bloggers and general Canadian citizens recognizing that the core beliefs that built this country - personal responsibility, individual and religious freedoms, and a willingness to do the work yourself - were right and proper. More and more, we recognize that amidst the necessary growth and change associated with any culture, those core beliefs must be retained and strengthened to ensure this country remains great.

Well said, Jason, and well done.

Babble off.


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