Thursday, September 23, 2004

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Right across the lake from me, there's a guy named Doug - and sometimes an evil twin named (or more accurately 'pseudonymed') Mondhieb - who write a blog called Loose Coins.

There's ranting, there's raving, there's fisking, there's humour. It's all there for your reading enjoyment. I would especially recommend "Note to John Kerry" for starters. Here's a sample:

Stop alienating our allies. I'm not referring to the two countries who call themselves "Europe", fancy themselves to be "the world", and pass the days dreaming of ways to engineer American embarassment and failure without having to do anything. I'm talking about the people who choose to stand alongside us, or at the very least do not choose to actively undermine us. It's not a very nuanced definition of 'ally', but it's one that works.

For decades now, the reward you've reserved for anyone showing fidelity to our country is your expectoration. Is there no one whose conduct could be so loyal or noble as to evade your scorn? Or is it such conduct which draws your deprication? What else can you imagine you're doing when you dismiss as nonexistant every ally who has helped us in Iraq, is still helping us in Iraq, when you insist that we chose to "go it alone" in Iraq? You're throwing away international goodwill as if it were medals ribbons.

Keep reading.

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At 5:09 p.m., Blogger Dex said...

God bless them all.


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