Friday, September 17, 2004

What's the catch?

Babble on.

Finally, the Canadian Forces seems to have caught a break:

An Ontario company has built the army a combined front-end loader and back-hoe that can roar down the highway at about 100 km/h, three times faster than its commercial counterparts, while its driver is buckled in by a four-point racing harness. In addition, the machine packs armour protection to handle a blast from up to eight kilograms of explosives. It can also double as a fork lift or crane and it's environmentally friendly since it meets the latest emissions control regulations.
"It's a kick-ass machine," says Brian French, the Defence Department's section head for military support vehicles.

Any time a procurement bureaucrat gushes like that, I get suspicious. But when you look at the vehicle's specifications, it's tough not to have a Tim Taylor moment. Arva Industries seems like Binford on 'roids. I know a few military-engineering types who probably think they're in LOVE right now.

My only concern? Value for money should be the name of the game for the courtiers at the Puzzle Palace. How much did they pay for this miracle-machine?

Babble off.


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