Thursday, September 30, 2004

Running away is not 'resisting'

Babble on.

I don't agree with his reasons for opposing the Vietnam war and refusing to fight, but I respect Mohammed Ali for having the courage of his convictions.

When Ali refused to serve, he was stripped of his title, sentenced to prison, and fined $10,000. Freed on appeal, he was inactive for over three years while his case dragged on.

I have no similar respect for Brandon Hughey.

"I had promised myself that under no circumstances would I allow myself to become complicit in the illegal occupation of Iraq," said Hughey. "No contract or enlistment oath can be used as an excuse to participate in acts of aggression or crimes against humanity."

Nobody drafted this twit. And since he decided to flee to Canada instead of living with the consequences of his decision not to honour his contract, I have trouble with the label "war resister" applied by the Comox Valley Record (it's an Air Force town - they should damned well know better).

Ali resisted. Hughey dodged deserted. Big difference.

(Thanks to Ben for the correction)

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At 7:50 p.m., Blogger The Tiger said...

Actually, Hughey deserted. He can theoretically be shot, should he be recaptured, right?

Not that that would be likely (or right) -- the last time the Americans shot a deserter was during the Second World War.

The draft dodgers fled across the border before they could be inducted, or refused to show up for pre-induction physicals.

I'm a bit less willing to judge people on it, myself... but I certainly won't celebrate those who refuse to serve -- though I may sometimes esteem them for other things they have done, since the war.

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