Thursday, September 02, 2004

Beyond the sneering

Babble on.

Jonathan Power of the International Herald-Tribune has some exceedingly good advice for Europe:
...Europe should be able to do far more than it is presently doing in crisis situations, whether the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, conflict in Sudan or Iran's march toward nuclear weapons. Europe is in danger of becoming a professional critic of America for overreaching itself while husbanding its own power and wealth and reaching for very little. Europe has to create as well as criticize. It doesn't need America's guns. But it could do well to emulate its will. It needs to raise its sights beyond its obsession with America's faults and get on with extending its zone of peace and prosperity far and wide. Maybe then it can dare to call itself a superpower. (my hearty emphasis)

Do more, criticize less. Given the rampant and vitriolic anti-Americanism on the Continent, one wonders whether Europe can bring itself to act on such a level-headed proposition.

Babble off.


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