Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Where are the Muslims of the West?

Babble on.

Last week I posted about the Arab silence surrounding Darfur. This piece by Salim Mansur philosophically follows Khouri's article, and makes a couple of further points.


The diplomatic manoeuvres of the Arab League are predictable. It exists to defend the interests of Arab states -- meaning regimes in power -- and not the Arab people.

I believe this disconnect between people in the Middle East and their governments is one of the biggest obstacles to peace and prosperity in the Arab world.


Arabs and Muslims, however, now live in growing numbers in cosmopolitan centres of the West, and enjoy freedoms denied their people elsewhere. Here they came out in unprecedented numbers, protesting American-led wars to liberate Afghans and Iraqis from despots. But in their unconscionable silence over Darfur, they disclose how selective is their outrage.

'Unconscionable' is an excellent word to use here. 'Disgusting' and 'hypocritical' would also apply. Where are the Muslims of the West?

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