Monday, August 16, 2004

"Sink the suckers."

Babble on.

Just in case Adscam, the Long-Gun Registry, and the CRTC shut-down of CHOI aren't enough to convince you, here's more evidence the Liberal nanny-state bureaucracy is out of control.

The Canadian Commercial Corporation - a federal agency - drove Canadian manufacturer Amertek out of business in order to avoid embarrassment for it's own previous ineptitude.

I say again, government bureaucrats bankrupted a Canadian business to cover their own asses.

The judge wrote Amertek and its two investors were the unsuspecting victims of "shocking behaviour on the part of federal civil servants, behaviour that would cause the reasonably informed person to lose confidence in a Crown corporation and a department of the federal government."


"Sink the suckers. They are out on the plank. Let's keep them walking," one CCC bureaucrat wrote, urging his bosses to drive Amertek into bankruptcy.

In my mind, this is far worse than Adscam. But the ruling against the CCC was handed down last summer, and I suspect I'm not the only person learning of this for the first time. Where was the media coverage back then? Where was the outrage? Were we all drugged until Adscam shook things up?

This incences me. It makes me want to fire every single government worker, dynamite all government buildings, line the politicians up against the friggin' wall, and start all over again. I know that's unfair to all the competent, dedicated public servants out there - but, my god, they should be as disgusted with this as I am.

This is abuse of government power at its most egregious.

Babble off.


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