Thursday, August 12, 2004


Babble on.

Boo fell asleep snuggling with me on the couch tonight. Which gave me a great excuse to cement my butt to the cushions for an evening, and relax ("Hon, I can't get up, or I'll wake him."). If you've never had a small child fall asleep on your chest, you're missing out. Go borrow someone else's little one if you need to, 'cause it's the coolest feeling.

Anyhow, having my torso turned into a toddler bed allowed me to catch two very funny, but very different shows: Corner Gas, and Last Comic Standing. Needless to say, I'm recommending here. And quoting from memory, so none of you smart-asses out there will score any points finding the transcripts on and pointing out the inevitable errors.

Corner Gas is that rarest of rarities: a truly funny Canadian sitcom. In this episode, the tiny prairie town of Dog River was looking for a way to boost tourism, and decided to build "the World's Biggest....Hoe" to commemorate Dog River's agricultural history. Of course, this being a small, insular prairie town, all of three people got the joke.

"Where are we going to build it, on a steet corner?"

"No, in a field."

"Great, so it's going to be the World's Biggest Dirty Hoe."

I doubt you're laughing as hard reading this as I am typing it and remembering. Oh well, just watch the show. Trust me.

Last Comic Standing is simply a reality contest show for stand-up comedians. Some are funny, and some aren't. Tonight, they were all funny. Especially good was Ralphie May, brought back from Season 1 to do a cameo set. After he placed second in last year's contest, Ralphie went over to Iraq to support and entertain the troops. Some of his lines are politically incorrect, but man do I laugh.

"You know where all the dirt goes when you vacuum? Iraq. I got sand places I'll never get out. I'm making a pearl right now, I swear."

"So the terrorists are threatening to blow up St. Louis? Man, you do NOT want to do that. Interrupt the flow of Budweiser? When people realize the King of Beers has been assasinated, you will see a fury of mullets bring Armageddon down on those terrorists. 90,000 bass-boats humming across the Atlantic. Nothing will stop them, not even a three-day NASCAR event."

OK, maybe it's the delivery.

Babble off.


At 10:21 a.m., Blogger Greg said...

I sorry to agree with you B, but Corner Gas is great (I hope my agreeing with you on this doesn't cause you to reconsider:) ). One quibble though, Corner Gas is one of the best shows on TV period, not just in Canada.


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