Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Small arms and small minds

Babble on.

Surprise! More tripe from the Globe and Mail! This time it's academic Robert Muggah telling us that aid workers and peacekeepers around the world are dying because of the availablitity of small arms, and that the solution is to regulate the international and domestic arms trade.

Right. Because the people pulling the triggers are incidental to the violence. Take away their firearms, and they'll pick daisies for the aid workers. And there are currently no restrictions on guns and ammo internationally or here in our country. In fact, I'm headed out for lunch now, and I think I'll pick up a newspaper, a pack of gum, and an AK47 from my corner store on the way back to work.

Listen. Read. Watch. You can't escape the message, so stop trying. Guns are the problem. Guns are the problem. Guns are the problem. Guns are ALWAYS the problem.

North Korean 're-education facilities' have nothing on the mainstream media and their Svengalis in academia in this campaign to vilify the gun.

The hard and sad fact is that the areas where peacekeeping and humanitarian aid are required are generally dangerous. The soldiers tasked with peacekeeping missions understand this. The humanitarian-aid doctors should too. The problems in these violent areas stem directly from the people, not the guns. If murderous thugs don't have a gun, they'll use a machete or a club or their bare friggin' hands.

The lefties talk about 'root causes' but they refuse to look past the weapon to the person firing it.

Babble off.


At 1:26 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do I sense an upswing in the venom being spewed by anti gun zealots in the pages of the Globe recently? Last week, or perhaps it was two weeks ago Clayton Ruby, noted brilliant lawyer and megalomaniac, trotted out all the tired old Coalition for Gun control obfuscations , err, arguments defending the laughable gun registry in a Globe editorial and now this shiite. No agenda here, move along....


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