Friday, August 13, 2004

Arab silence on Sudanese atrocities

Babble on.

Read Rami Khouri's take in the Beirut Daily Star on why Arabs haven't been chanting in the streets to stop the massacres in Darfur (hat tip to Armies of Liberation).

A troubled Arab citizenry's silent acquiescence in violence and passivity in the face of homegrown atrocity, is today the single most important, widespread symptom of the malaise that plagues this region. It would be a terrible mistake to misdiagnose the Arab silence on Darfur as reflecting some Arab, Islamic or Middle Eastern cultural acceptance of violence. This is, rather, a troubling sign of Arab mass dehumanization and political pacification at the public level, which are largely our own fault due to our acceptance of poor governance and distorted Arab power structures over a period of

That's certainly a reason, but not an excuse.

Babble off.


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