Saturday, August 28, 2004

A Minority of Two (count me in)

Babble on.

You must read the new guy on the block (listen to me, the seasoned one-month veteran). Oh, but put down your drink before you start. Snorting a mouthful of Coke out your nose as you read is good for neither your keyboard, nor your nose. Not that I have any personal experience, but I've been told it's painfulllllllllllllllll (damn sticky L).

On the bright side, it's highly unlikely such a blabbermouth [Parrish] will get a cabinet post anytime soon. Loose lips really do sink ships, you know, just as your grandmother told you.

Really? And Sheila "Daughter of Frankenstein" Copps? How many cabinet posts did that thing hold? Fried Hedy?...It is perfectly reasonable to imagine that the blabbermouth will get a cabinet position one day. Hey, she brings in the vote. It's her third term. She's part of the Liberal furniture. Get used to it, she ain't goin' away any time soon, unless it were to the ambassadorship in, oh, i don't know, Denmark? She gives Paulie cover on his anti-Americain moonbat lefty flank, not to mention that is she is rumoured to be very effective at bringing in the Islamist vote. In a few years, we'll read in the major newspapers about how she's earned her shot at a cabinet post through her long years of dedicated public service. Take it to the bank.

Fried Hedy? Daughter of Frankenstein? The man is downright cruel: I love it. And so the blogroll continues to grow...

Babble off.


At 9:58 a.m., Blogger Shannon said...

The Blog Farm League strikes again!

At 12:06 p.m., Blogger Gordon Pasha said...

Ma chère Brooks - i hope i didn't cause you to get your keyboard sticky! Thanks for the blogroll. I must figure out how to do that one of these days, so I can return the favour.
Hey, could be a fine Saturday evening project!
Ciao, k


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