Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Leafs win the Cup! And I win the lottery!

Babble on.

This just arrived in my e-mail inbox:

Canada was stunned Monday when it was announced that The Stanley Cup will be awarded to the Toronto Maple Leafs, possibly as early as December 6th. The cup will be stripped from from 2008 playoff champions the Detroit Red Wings and be awarded to the Leafs, who didn't even make the playoffs.

How is this possible, Canadians ask?

Well, the Leafs have formed a coalition with eastern conference semifinalists the Montreal Canadians, and conference quarter finalists the Ottawa Senators, whose total season points now outnumber the Red Wings. According to current Leaf coach Ron Wilson "the Red Wings have lost the confidence of the league and should hand the cup over immediately to our coalition".

Personally, I'm looking forward to making a coalition with other losing lottery-ticket holders and seeing if we can scam convince the OLG that we have a better claim to a 6/49 win than the schmuck who took the cheque home. I mean, between all our tickets we have not only the six winning numbers, but the bonus as well!

The more I think about this, the more I like the precedent...

Babble off.

Update: Turns out it was a blog post by Canadian Jedi before it started making the e-mail rounds!


At 5:13 p.m., Blogger Christian Conservative said...

It was a blog post by Canadian Jedi.

At 5:17 p.m., Blogger Babbling Brooks said...

Thanks for letting me know!


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