Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Chip in if you can

Babble on.

Mark Bourrie is being sued by Warren Kinsella. I don't think it takes too much imagination to figure out which team I'm cheering for in this rather expensive game.

Babble off.


At 12:36 p.m., Blogger wonderdog said...

Kinsella's a jerk, but he's going to win this one.

Mind you, he won't get his 600 G's -- that's a pretty outrageous amount to claim. But yeah, he'll win this one.

At 1:15 p.m., Blogger Dr. Dawg said...

I don't happen to agree. Mark posted not a word that any sane judge would consider libellous. Warzie has boxed himself in on this one, and he's going to pay the price.

My full support to Bourrie. He will defend himself successfully. Solicitor-client costs will be awarded against Warzie's vexatious lawsuit. And Bourrie's counter-claim will succeed.

At 3:18 p.m., Blogger jeff said...

uh.........uh.................uh................uh.................*sysystem of a down*....

Diminish the Net Kook Irreparabilly.

At 6:33 p.m., Blogger jeff said...

vexatious lawsuit? bahahahahaha

At 10:28 p.m., Blogger Arkus said...

Um, while I agree that 600 g's will not be granted, I have to say that even a second year law student can see that Kinsella will win.

He is a lawyer, he is aware of the cost shifting regime in Ontario, and do you think he would launch the suit with any chance of paying out some A**hole's legal costs AND setting a precedent that will only hurt him?

I doubt it. If you disagree, get the Irwin Law book on Torts and look at the Defamation section prior to making your might help or hurt your argument.

BTW - the solicitor/client costs are now known in Ontario as full indemnity costs, while party and party costs are partial indemnity.


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