Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada

Babble on.

The man thanks his wife for her support and tells his kids how much he misses them because of his political vocation. Class. How do people not like this guy?

He congratulates and thanks Paul Martin for his years of public service, and the crowd in Calgary applauds. Class. Class. Class.

Mentioning the Canadian Armed Forces defending our freedom. Hear, hear!

Citing the Macdonald-Cartier coalition in french. Canada: Strong, United, Independent, and Free. This is GOLD.

I want to find the exact words he said, but it was about our pride and identity not flowing from a government or program. Yes!

Preston Manning standing in applause for the Conservative Prime Minister he could never be. Class, yet again.

Accountability. "Shuffling the deck is not good enough." Can we not all agree the man's speech-writers deserve a raise?

"The West wanted in; the West is in now, and Canada will work for all of us." This isn't about supremacy, it's about equality.

Resources for Atlantic Canada. No bitterness, no recriminations. Class.

"A strong Canada requires a strong Ontario." Honey, not vinegar. The next campaign starts now.

Soldiers again! BZ, sir! *rifle butts clattering on the parade square*

"I've never been so proud of our country, and I'm honoured to be asked to lead it." How exactly is this scary?

The man rocks. Time to get to work.

Babble off.


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