Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The perfect purchase?

Babble on.

While I continue to believe Jean Chretien's cancellation of the Sea King replacement contract a dozen years ago was disgraceful, this article shows that the EH-101/Cormorant airframe isn't without its problems.

Maj. Alain Robichaud, service manager for the Cormorant fleet, said the [tail rotor] hubs have been replaced 87 times on the 15 new Cormorant helicopters since the military first began flying them in October 2001.

"We don't really understand at the moment," Robichaud said. "There's a lot of effort being put into finding out."

Much as we clamour for efficiency in government contracting - and rightly so - perfect procurements, especially for high-tech, high-priced items like military aircraft, are about as common as confirmed unicorn sightings.

Babble off.

Update: Nicholas says all this much more eloquently than I do. One of these days, I really should learn how to write.


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