Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Kinsella Audit

Babble on.

At the risk of feeding an ego that has already grown so large as to alter the tides, I am going to answer Angry's call for a Kinsella Audit:

  1. Feminists: Sorry - although some might say this counts, or this. Nah, that's just too much of a stretch.

  2. Gay Marriage: If you really need to see a pro or con label, you won't like my position. But hey - my knuckle-dragging tendencies show here and here, don't they?

  3. United Nations: Guilty as charged, I suppose. Although since I'm with Howard Dean on that last one, I dare the lefties to throw stones.

  4. Bilingualism: Nothing.

  5. Immigration: Does quoting someone else's post count?

  6. Anti-Tobacco Laws: Geez...empty again. I'm not doing too well here, am I?

  7. Liberals: Conceded. And I'm not going to give a link - pick a post and start reading.

  8. Fluoridation of Water: Y'know, I'd meant to get around to connecting ritual human sacrifice to the Chretien Liberals through the insidious use of flouride in tapwater, but never did. Damn.

  9. Metric: I can't believe I haven't written a post bashing a sensible base-ten measurement system that I've grown up using. Another missed opportunity.

  10. The Satanic subliminal pro-Stalinist messages used on episodes of The West Wing: Oh, come on. That's just silly.

Wow, I've been outed: five out of ten if you really, really stretch the strike zone. Two for ten is a more honest accounting.

I may well be forced to lift my knuckles from the sidewalk when I take my evening stroll, and start inhaling through my nose. The CPC Thought Police are probably coming to confiscate my Hidden Agenda decoder-ring as I type this.

Either that, or Dalton's McMinion is becoming even more shrill and hysterical than usual.

Babble off.


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