Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Flags raised, flags lowered

Babble on.

Brenda at Tipperography has raised the latest edition of The Red Ensign Standard.

The Canadian political scene can be interesting, but it is also largely inconsequential and irrelevant to anyone not living in Canada. On the other hand, it has also been incredibly refreshing to get political commentary from this group. I would have despaired greatly at the thought of going back to a place represented uniformly by the CBC and The Globe & Mail. But the Red Ensign bloggers let me know that there are other Canadians (some living in and and some, like me, living outside of Canada) along with a few citizens of other places with ties to Canada who care about this country and who have found a way to give a voice to the viewpoints that don’t come down from on high.

I cannot characterize them all as having the same perspective that I have. (Just take a look at a few of the links.) But they are all different voices and they all have a lot to say. They are the “other Canadians” and they are Canadians making a difference. I hope I have done justice to them with this week’s standard.

She surely has. In fact, given the fresh, creative formatting approaches taken by Tipper and Rue before her, I'm sure I'm not the only longstanding Brigadier shaking my head at how deeply in a rut we obviously were. Well done, Tipper.

It also saddens me to note that two bloggers I read regularly have gotten out of the game.

Don at All things Canadian... has decided to hang up the cape indefinitely. His opinion, both on his own blog, and as one of the few conservative voices at Jim Elve's E-Group, will be sorely missed.

More troubling for me is the loss of Chris Taylor from the Canadian blogosphere. I can't even link to the beautifully laid-out Taylor & Company anymore, as all archives seem to have disappeared. Reading Chris' posts, one came away with the unmistakable impression that he is a gentleman, in the finest sense of the word. I've had the opportunity to share drinks and a meal with Chris and Wanda on a few occasions over the course of the past year, as well as to correspond with him by e-mail, and I can confirm that impression. Chris is one of the good-guys, and while I will miss his reasoned and articulate commentary, I cannot wish him anything but the best.

Babble off.


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