Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Picking precisely one nit

Babble on.

Paul Wells, on his newly refurbished blog (glad to see the Rogers techies finally pulled their thumbs out), looks at the new Tory french-language attack ads aimed at Stephane Dion. I have but one thing to add to Wells' analysis:

But they don't say a single word about the Clarity Act.

In passing, this also helps explain why the ads weren't rolled out by Micahel Fortier, who rushed on Dec. 3 to pin the Clarity Act on Dion (as though it were the worst thing that could be said about him) and who has publicly called the patriation of Canada's constitution "le g√Ęchis de 1982." Here, I am persuaded, we see the hand of the Prime Minister. Nobody badmouths the Clarity Act. Nobody goes after Dion for being mean to Quebec separatists qua separatists.

Personally, I wonder if it goes further than the practicality of keeping that arrow in the federalist quiver. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that Harper put the ideas enshrined in the Clarity Act to paper four years earlier with Bill C-341?

I wonder if Harper sees the Clarity Act as his baby, not Dion's. Maybe this is about more than just politics: maybe Harper and Dion actually agree on this one point.

Babble off.


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