Tuesday, February 22, 2005

A smattering

Babble on.

Due to time constraints today, Babbling Brooks may not have any of the cutting-edge insight and commentary you've come to expect (wow, the acoustics in my office must be better than I thought: I can hear the blogosphere-wide chorus of "what else is new?" quite clearly). Instead, here's some BBG-style linkety-goodness for you:

A bird in majestic flight, set free from the bounds of gravity, watched with sorrow and with awe. Take care, Andrew.

Damian Penny pointed yesterday to an insurance story I'd meant to blog, but didn't get to. I posted a comment there to give a little balance. I work in the P&C industry, and I battle with insurance companies all the time on behalf of my clients; I know how backwards they can be sometimes. But if a disaster had hit in Canada last year, the insurers would have ponied up, and no-one would have given a rat's back-end about their losses. Feast and famine, and all that - 2004 was simply a feast.

Kevin Jaeger has today's best line regarding a doctor shortage in Quebec:
"'The law of unexpected consequences is taking place here.' I'll be generous and assume he meant to 'unintended consequences', as this result can hardly be called unexpected."

The Dancer gives us some insight into Syrian promises and Lebanese resolve.

Pogge provides a valuable link to a site devoted to protecting bloggers. Today they highlight the plight of two Iranians imprisoned for blogging. (On a side-note, I find it interesting that Ellen Simonetti - a woman fired because of what she posted on her blog - is involved with this project. Good for her.)

Babble off.


At 12:10 p.m., Blogger Andrew said...

Thanks Damian - I appreciate the kind words. We knew this was coming for a long time - and really it's a miracle that she was able to be with us for the past two years.... but it's still rough.


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