Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Shiny and happy once again!

Babble on.

I'm thrilled to announce that Jay Random has returned from three months wandering the trackless wastes of The Gulag.

Upon his return, he did something I quite frankly did not feel was even possible: he fisked Eric Margolis more soundly and thoroughly than the brilliant Tarantino did. Heresy, I know! But true nonetheless.

The Toronto blat titles this column 'Real freedom still far off', but the Calgary edition bills it as 'Iraqi quagmire grows deeper'. Both good, stock Idiotarian headlines, good for almost any Bush-bashing story about Iraq. Both have precious little to do with the substance of Mr. Margolis's screed. But that's OK, because the substance is so thin and paltry that it would be uncharitable for the Sun chain's headline writers to draw attention to it.

I mean, if the column had been slugged 'Bush's plan works, but he's still evil, wrong, and unusually retarded for a chimp', that would at least have been an honest label of the contents. Which contents we shall now examine line by line, as they contain about the best summary of pig-headed fatuousness on the subject of Iraq that you will ever see gathered under one byline...

Go read the rest, line by shiny, happy line.

Babble off.


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